drug discovery


Eliminating drug discovery bottlenecks

Delivering data driven decisions fast, within budget and with confidence is key to success within the highly competitive drug discovery industry. Improve the cost, productivity and reliability of early screening with innovative solutions that bring simplicity to workflow complexity.

Drug discovery
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Proficient, automated sample management

R&D data quality can be severely compromised by poor quality samples. Ensuring samples are stored safely, securely and under the optimal conditions for each sample type is critical along with the ability to rapidly find and organize samples into working sets upon request.

Sample management

Miniaturize, save reagents and maximize output for molecular biology and genomics

The rapid advance of NGS technologies has led to an increasing need for high-throughput, low-cost NGS library preparation. Single cell genomics, microbial genomics and other fields can strongly benefit from an increased sample throughput through cost-effective library preparation.

Molecular Biology and genomics
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Enabling integrated structural biology

Structural Biology
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