Samantha Lee, Phd

Field Application Scientist

Individual responsibilities

I demonstrate the capability of our instruments and software, and train users on SPT Labtech instruments. I also troubleshoot protocols and support collaborations with labs to develop new protocols. 

The presale stage is particularly important as this is the time in which we look to understand what our prospective customers are trying to achieve scientifically. In this stage, I assist territory managers to ensure the science is front of mind from the very first interaction. 


As our customers use our instruments for so many diverse applications in a multitude of fields across science, it is important to be flexible and think outside the box when developing and customizing workflows. 


I am part of the Applications Team. 

Departmental responsibilities

Our department of FASs play a fundamental role in ensuring customers get the most out of their instrument outputs and workflows. We provide instrument and software demonstrations which give scientists the opportunity to visualize how our technology fits with their workflows. We also design customized applications training and are engaged in ongoing scientific and technical support. The FAS team’s training and expertise is a fantastic benefit to our customers as our support provides the confidence and guidance to pursue innovative ideas. 

Best parts of the job

The best parts of my role include meeting scientists from diverse fields and learning about their research. Engaging with customers who are working on groundbreaking scientific research is very rewarding and I enjoy being a part of this. 

Professional Achievements

I work with many scientists who are at the forefront of conducting groundbreaking research and knowing that my support in utilizing our products to help them leverage efficiency gains in the lab is a sense of achievement in itself.

Professional Ambitions

I’d like to continue to engage the scientific community and general population in exciting new scientific research.

Why Science

As a kid, I used to be obsessed with astronomy and dinosaurs. This eventually evolved into interest in the physical sciences, which led to chemistry specifically, then biochemistry.

I earned my Bachelors in Biochemistry and Masters in Biotechnology from the University of Nevada, Reno. After graduation, I started as a Research Associate at Sierra Sciences while being a part-time Instructor for Cell and Molecular Biology and Botany at Truckee Meadows Community College. I left those positions to pursue a PhD in Biochemistry at Purdue University before I went on to start my position at SPT Labtech as a Field Applications Scientist.

Outside of work

Outside of work I enjoy playing with my two Yorkie boys, cave hiking, working toward the goal of visiting all National Parks, Pokemon GO, touring distilleries/breweries/vineyards, and traveling the world.

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